Civil Aviation Project Phase 1 Completed on Time and Under Budget

Two months back – we were appointed by Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure Development to deliver a fast-track project that needed to be completed before the AU summit, 15th Feb 23. And our dedicated construction team worked day and night to make the challenge a success!

We’re now proud to announce the successful completion of our Civil Aviation Project, Phase 1, located in the heart of Addis Ababa’s Bole right ON TIME, with ZERO LTI, UNDER BUDGET & with QUALITY!

Project detail: Ethiopian Civil Aviation Fence and Entrance, Phase 1, comprising 600 Micro piles with 4.5 meter depth, 1.3kms of grade beam, 300 concrete walls panels & RHS grill, concrete bollard, external pavement tiles with greenery.

Client: Federal Government Buildings Construction Project Office, Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure of Ethiopia

Project duration: 60 days

End user: Civil Aviation Authority

Consultant: K2N Architecture and Engineering Consultancy Plc

Congratulations on taking the next big step!